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A place where you can sample the various books on offer, watch video clippings about the books and even listen to audios of a few sample chapters!

Although the topics I write about are diverse, each share common themes

1. Learn to live more in the moment and your powers of observation, intuition and problem solving abilities will increase.

2.  Appreciate everything you have and you will soon find even more things to be grateful for.

3. Accept yourself for all that you are and all that you aspire to be.

4. Trust that everything you need is within your capability and reach.

5. Enjoy every moment, even when things go wrong, accept them for what they are.

6.  Every challenge is preparing you for bigger and better things ahead. This is how we learn best, adapt and move on.

7.  Self-empowerment is key. Not self-improvement.

8.  Life is a journey that involves our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Each part is as important as the other and all need to be worked on and developed.

Now that I have that out of the way please feel free to explore my various books.

In summary:

The Owly Series of childrens books

1.       Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree

2.       Owly And The Enchanted Forest and

3.       Spirit Of The Forest Helps Owly And Friends

Are unique in that they were originally written exclusively for my kids to teach them through creative, expressive and imaginative stories, a number of very important life skills, while at the same time re-enforcing positive messages in their young lives.

As the stories are set around a bunch of unlikely forest animals, children do not realize they are learning about:

1.       Looking after themselves physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

2.       Looking out for the old, vulnerable, lonely, weak, frightened.

3.       Making inspired, informed decisions.

4.       Using their instincts and calling on their internal store of knowledge to problem solve individually and collectively as a group, taking advantage of each members strengths and talents.

5.       Appreciating everything that is good in their lives and helping others to make their lives better too.

6.       Appreciating the world around us and working towards making it a better place.

7.       Looking after the environment and keeping it beautiful.

8.       Gaining awareness of a higher power that guides our lives if we accept it.

Each book builds on the previous and they will help your child deal with any challenges they have in life. They will learn in a fun and safe setting and won’t even realize they are learning!

For parents and caregivers, you can be assured that having written them for my own children, I am confident you will love the stories as much as they will. The stories will also serve as a way for different topics to be opened up and discussed in a relaxed nurturing setting.


The Mommyville book, Mommyville-On The Road To A PhD In Parenthood was written to remind all parents including myself about enjoying our kids at every stage. They grow up so fast and some things we forget while other things we never forget! The book celebrates the fun but real side of parenting in a heartwarming and endearing story set in a vibrant community setting. It addresses real challenges in an upbeat “fly on the wall” type of way so you will totally feel part of the story! There will no doubt be many part you can relate to!


The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) books

1.       Learning to Re-connect The Pieces of a Life Shattered by PTSD, and

2.       PTSD In Children Growing Up and Its Influences On Adult Life

These were the first books I wrote. Tough subject choice! I wrote them with full disclosure that I was not a medically qualified person and my interest was one of exploring holistic routes to helping PTSD sufferers and their families. The first book was relevant to adult sufferers and the secnd for children and their families. Again these are more specialized books and completely different from the Owly Series and Mommyville which are fiction.

Finally at the top of the page you will see little icons showing different ways you can chat with me, connect and find out more. I look forward to getting to know you and you can always be assured of my personal attention!





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