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Having started my career writing technical reports in the scientific and environmental fields, I could never have imagined myself writing anything else! Once it was all about the specifics, the technicalities and facts and in some way this was also carried forward in my books on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the theme for the first two books I ever wrote.

Following on from that, I changed focus completely to write childrens stories.

Having 2 children, a boy and a girl of near 10 and 7 respectively, I found myself getting called upon to make up stories when they ran out of books to read or were simply bored.

One night when my kids had nothing new to read, my son Michael started to write a story for his  sister Emer about her favourite bedtime toy Owly, a pet owl. What he started to write, sparked an interest in writing after they begged me to write a story about Owly and his adventures.


So one night I sat at my laptop and just started writing. My first book was to be “Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree”. Having enjoyed writing it so much and after getting the seal of approval from my kids, I went on to write two further books to date in what was to become the Owly series of childrens books. The follow-up books are  “Owly and the Enchanted Forest” and “Spirit Of The Forest Helps Owly And Friends”.


When I was asked about what makes these books different from other childrens stories, my answer is this.

“As a mother, I strongly believe we need to nurture our children but yet equip them with life skills that will help develop them personally. These books are positive, uplifting and teach children through story about bravery, overcoming challenges, looking out for each other, helping each other, appreciating all the good things in our lives, taking care of our environment and making the world a better place to live. Each book builds on the previous one and is set in the world of a bunch of unlikely forest friends. I really do believe that both young in age and young at heart will enjoy these imaginative and creative stories as much as I enjoyed creating them"

Children have the most wonderful imagination that needs to be cherished and admired and allowed to expand in a positive direction. I hope to accomplish this through my writing.

With childrens books, it is all about imagination, re-living simple every day pleasures and imaginative experiences as seen through the eyes of a child while appreciating and acknowledging everything beautiful about the world around us.

Since then, I went on to write the book I always promised myself I'd write, but let me warn you in advance. Mommyville-On the Road To A PhD in Parenthood is NOT your typical parenting book! 😉

Yes, it is something I have planned to write for quite some time, but where do you find the time and how can you even go about trying to summarize everything that happens in a household with two lively kids and at least one quirky whacky parent!

It is a humorous but heartwarming account of living in rural Ireland and includes all the local "goings on" that characterize an Irish sense of humor. I wrote this while the memories are still fresh in my mind and also to remind others about what happens when you live moment by moment and don't take life too seriously.

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