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 PTSD Series

ptsd in adultsLearning To Re-connect The Pieces Of A Life Shattered by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD robs you of the type of life you were meant to lead and impacts your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Not only this but it takes loved ones and many others along on a hellish journey, a journey no-one wants to be on! 

Learning to Re-connect the Pieces of a Life Shattered by PTSD looks at the main destructive components of PTSD and shows how to reclaim each piece that PTSD has so ruthlessly taken from you or a loved one.   

Using simple but effective techniques and strategies, you will be guided and supported through these very difficult times. You will gain a greater understanding of what and why things are happening and what to do about it! 

You will be shown how to break free, unburden and empower yourself to be the very best you can be. You will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to take on board the different means of overcoming the obstacles that stand in your path to a life of harmony, contentedness and peace. 

Areas addressed include 
• stress, anxiety, fear and depression 
• hopelessness, helplessness, isolation and disassociation 
• edginess and mistrust 
• anger and rage 
• insomnia 
• delusions, nightmares and flashbacks 
• communication problems, self-esteem and self-image 
• concentration, memory and re-call issues 
• blame, shame, guilt, regret and grief.

You were not born broken and suffering and this is not your destiny either. Do whatever it takes to make this the best life possible. You owe it to yourself and to those who care deeply about you.

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ptsd in children

PTSD In Children Growing Up And Its Influences On Adult Life

Historically PTSD was associated with returning war veterans and was never meant to be a childhood condition. However children are very much at risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder from a number of sources, and if left untreated and inadequately managed, the likelihood of these children growing to adulthood as traumatized dysfunctional adults is enormous. 

Too many children in our world today have discovered that the world can be a dangerous place where their security and safety are under threat. They are traumatized by overwhelming events which have exceeded their capacity to cope and are at high risk of developing PTSD. 

Unfortunately, we may not be able to change human nature, but once we understand the unnecessary price paid by millions of innocent children, we may be better able to treat their wounds."Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children" -Charles R. Swindoll

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Owly Series

Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree Book 1

A heartwarming, uplifting and positive story of loyalty, friendship, adventure and team work, where a bunch of unlikely forest friends go on the adventure of a life time.

Together, they overcome the beady eyed sharp clawed Victor Vulture, meet the mysterious Spirit of the Forest and save the Magical Medicine Tree. 

The creatures learn so much about themselves and each other, experience a whole new world, learn to make the magic of the forest come alive, and learn many more important lessons that any child will enjoy.

It is a story for young and old and will bring a smile to your face as you see where your imagination will take you.

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Owly And The Enchanted Forest Book 2

Owly and friends make an enchanted forest home. See the magic come alive as they work together to turn their forest into a place full of fun, magic, color and adventure. It truly becomes a magical place to live but something will always happen and they are called to protect their forest home. 

Watch how they work together to save their forest from sneaky, very dangerous badgers who try to attack and won't back down, but the animals have other plans! 

See the Magic Medicine Tree comes to the rescue once again and how the animals use everything they learned from the Spirit of the Forest and Magic Medicine Tree to survive a very scary moment. 

Witness what happens the night of a terrifying storm and smile when you see what happens to Victor Vulture! 

This is a heartwarming story that children old and young will enjoy. It is a story of making the world a better place to live in, helping each other and looking out for each other, overcoming the odds and challenges that life throws at us and really making happy ever after stories come true! Believe the unbelievable, imagination is everything!

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                               Spirit Of The Forest Helps Owly And Friends Book 3

Owly helps a sad little butterfly find new wings and at the same time helps her see how wonderful she really is, even without the wings she dreams about!

As the day of a fantastic party gets closer, the whole forest and its creatures are put in danger by hunters. See how the Spirit of the Forest, the Magic Medicine Tree, Owly and Victor Vulture bring the whole forest together to protect itself and make life very unpleasant for the hunters! Watch what happens!

Just when it looks like nothing else can go wrong, a child goes missing. See how the Spirit of the Forest reunites the child with his Dad.

Of course its back again to the fantastic magical party for all the animals to celebrate everything that is wonderful about the Enchanted Forest and the creatures that live there!


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Owly Trilogy

The Owly Trilogy is a compilation of the 3 books in the Owly series. These are Owly Saves the Magic Medicine Tree, Owly and the Enchanted Forest and Spirit of the Forest Helps Owly and Friends.


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best parenting booksMommyville-On The Road To A PhD In Parenthood

On the Road To A PhD in Parenting is something I have planned to write for quite some time, but where do you find the time and how can you even go about trying to summarize everything that happens in a household with two lively kids and at least one quirky whacky parent!

As a parent, we want to teach our kids so many things but more importantly look at all they teach us? This book dives in deep, some times is in free fall and you never know where it is going to take you or where you will end up!

It is a humorous but heartwarming account of living in rural Ireland and includes all the local "goings on" that characterize an Irish sense of humor.

I wrote this while the memories are still fresh in my mind and also to remind others about what happens when you live moment by moment and don't take life too seriously, so sit back take a breather and accompany me in part on my journey towards a PhD in Parenthood!


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