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Audio Files

Click on any of the links below to open the audio files or download each one by putting your cursor over the file and right click to "save link as"

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 1 Mindset.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 2 Brainstorming.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 3 Process Overview.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 4 Making a Start.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 5 Fleshing it out.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 6 How It All Ends.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 7 Naming and Branding.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 8 Cover Design and Graphics.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 9 Format for Kindle.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 10 Uploading to Kindle.MP3

http://orlakellybooks.com/AudioEAP/Session 11 Uploading to Createspace.MP3


http://www.orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 1 Daily Accomplishment List.pdf

http://www.orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 1 Weekly To Do List.pdf

http://www.orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 2 Brainstorming.pdf

http://www.orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 8.pdf

http://www.orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 9.pdf

http://orlakellybooks.com/HandoutEAP/Session 11.pdf

Additional Support

I also provide one on one personal training and support for any aspect of self publishing. Just drop me a line at orla@orlakellybooks.com letting me know where you require additional support and I'll get back to you! This way you will get unstuck, get clear on what to do and how to do it, learn, move on and get that piece of work published!