Are you still looking for an eBook system that still works today?

I Will Teach You How To Write, Publish And Market A Money-Making eBook In 5 Days!

This course covers PDF and Kindle publishing and will provide you with all the guidelines, software and time saving templates you'll need to get started.

Dear Friend,

How would you like to write your very own eBook and have all the tools, software and templates you need to have it written, published and on sale (either from your own website or within the next 5-days?

Let me assure you right up front, this isn’t one of the those “pie-in-the-sky,” hyped sales letters that have become so commonplace in the online world today. I’m not going to tell you how poor or broke I was – living out of a small, one bedroom apartment. I not going to tell you a story about a mysterious stranger who handed me a old, tattered book containing the blueprint I now teach in this course. Instead, I’m going to talk to you about the cold, hard facts.

  • First, people from all walks of life and every profession imaginable are now writing, publishing and selling books online.
  • Second, people who know less than you are being touted as experts and getting paid accordingly because they publish and promote their own books.
  • And third, you probably lack the time, tools and guidance to do the same.

I’ve been writing and publishing eBooks and other types of online publications for the past 15 years. Over that time, I discovered a simple fact.

Doing Things From “Scratch” Is Really Hard
Not only is it hard, it’s downright miserable at times.

The nagging feeling that you’re not doing it right and that the final product will be something amateurish can keep an entire project stuck in limbo forever. The right templates, guidance and instructions, however, change everything. The right information and tools make an entire project faster and easier. They help you “see” the finish line from the beginning. As a result, you’ll make the leap from “I think I can” to “I know I can” in an instant.

This course and membership site, based upon my 15-years of experience with online publishing, will provide you with the templates and guidance you need to get the job done. If you get stuck at any time during the process, you can even email me for advice. As you can imagine, I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way. Unlike many people, I never gave up and discovered what works through years of testing. The result is a simple, easy-to-use system anyone can follow to crank out solid information products within a very short span of time.

Let me be completely upfront and honest with you. Some of the titles I wrote over the years did a lot better than others. While I wasn’t happy about the books that did poorly, I didn’t lose any sleep over it. Why? Because once I had a blueprint in place, I can take a project from concept to completion faster than anyone I know!


Once you have a winner on your hands, you can go ahead and turn it into a full-length, how-to course if you want to. Or, you can even create a series based upon the subject. You may want to test other niches, too. The sky is the limit when the grunt-work has been done for you.

My blueprint is very simple. The most profitable subject areas can be divided up into three categories or areas. I’ll show you what those are on page 15. You’ll also learn how to avoid the mistakes other writers who’ve written similar books have made. Knowing what not to do will help you as much as knowing what to do! Next, I’ll share with you my FAST RESEARCH method. Who wants to get bogged down with endless hours of research and data? Not me.

I cover everything, from writing to cover design. I’ll even teach you how to market the finished product online. If you’re looking to break into the Amazon market with your publications, I’ll walk you through the simple process from start to finish (screen captures are included).

If Sales Are Good… I Take The Next Step!

If the sales and the response to the title are good… I update the product regularly as I do with this course.

Sometimes I’ll even create a blog around the subject.

That’s the simple publishing formula I’ve been using since the 1990’s. It’s my personal recipe for creating products and generating ongoing publicity for the ones that “stick” in each of the top 3 book-selling categories. You can use it to blaze your own paths and enjoy the freedom that comes with doing your own thing.

You Can Overcome The #1 Obstacle

Being a published author has some nice perks. This multiplies ten-fold with people who are already interested in your topic or niche.

Published authors are respected and admired in our culture, especially in face to face meetings. It no longer matters if the book is a paper and ink publication or a downloadable book, as long as the cover image looks professional and you don’t have a ton of typo’s inside. The playing field remains primed for your entrance into it. With a simple blueprint in place, you can publish as many titles as you want and learn how to connect with the readers in your niche. Make no mistake about it, a book has the capacity to make you a legitimate player in your field – quickly!

All the Tools - Plus Video Instructions

All the Tools, Free Upgrades, Lifetime Access, plus Video Instructions Coming Soon!

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First, you’ll receive my newly updated book (for 2014) to walk you through the writing, publishing and marketing process (including from start to finish. This publication contains the most important tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my 15-years in Online Publishing. Work these methods and they will work for you.

download1You’ll receive an easy-to-use download creator. Easily sell digital downloads through WordPress with this easy to use WordPress ecommerce plugin. If you’re just starting out, this option will be much easier for you to set up than a membership site or plugin. I found out the hard way, don’t buy more than you need until you actually need it. Better, easier to use options are being created all the time. So when you’re starting out, choose the simplest tools possible. Then, if necessary, upgrade later.

templatesYou’ll also receive the EZ eBook Template Package. This has all the templates you’ll need with professional layouts, wording, disclaimers, etc. You’ll be able to hit the ground running. I’ve also included the format I use for most of my own courses and eBooks inside (including this one). The files are available in Word and Open Office formats. When I first started, formatting was a big problem. I wish I had templates like these back then. I would have avoided hours upon hours of trial and error! If you have no idea what a page break is – use these templates. As an added bonus, a Kindle publishing template has also been added to the mix!

sales letterThree sales letter creation tools are also been included. The first two are WordPress Plugins I have the developers rights to. One is in the package already. The other requires a license and has to be installed an activated on your site by my tech support person. These can really speed up the sales letter creation process. The third is a simple html template you can modify if you’re not using a WordPress site. You can use whichever method you feel most comfortable with.



It’s Time To Get Started!

I don’t think there has ever been a better time to get started in the eBook business than right now. The masses are now opting for fast, downloadable information over paper and ink. Instant gratification is your ally in the eBook publishing business. The numbers are only going to increase. I lost years of productivity due to procrastination and second guessing my ability to write and publish successfully. Don’t let this happen to you. The money-making, common-sense, publishing blueprint is right here, right now. Order it today. I’ll even follow up with you (be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see my within your inbox after a few weeks) to see how you’re doing. If you have questions, all you have to do is ask.