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cropped photoOn Tuesday evening 2nd Dec, I had the pleasure of showcasing my books at the annual Dress for Success fashion show. This was my first showcasing event as I had just received hard copies of my childrens book and funny parenting book a few weeks ago. I just got a few days notice that there was a spot available for me, which was good. No time to get nervous!

The good thing was that having just a few days, I had no time to get lazy! I had to step up and get my promotional material together, flyers, information guides to the content of my books. Then I needed a stand to display my books so they could be easily viewed by passers by instead of simply lying flat on a table.

As I started to plan, I started to act! I was on a mission and in the end, what I had put together did justice to my books and represented me as an author in a professional manner.

I also was called to the podium to speak about my journey into writing. as I had received some coaching from Dress for Success, I was a good advertisement for the attendees. They could see where the money was going in funding and I had something tangible to show for everything I learned and gained from them! Not only that but being able to stand up and talk in public is a big achievement in itself, so I am proud of where I am today. Thank you thank you thank you for all my blessings!

I cannot believe how much I have learned these past few months.............!