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what to do when you feel stuckDo you know when I first started to write, I had no idea where it was going but now looking back I see how I got my messages through to my kids.

For example
1. The bunch of unlikely forest animals that came together represent the diverse cross section of people my kids will meet in life, different personalities, problems etc
2. Owly the main character represents the inner wisdom of a child and about bringing out the best in themselves
3. Victor Vulture "appears" to be a bad guy but appearances can be deceptive and sometimes when we mess up there is a good and valid reason behind it
4. Magic Medicine Tree represent the healing power of nature and about looking after our environment and the world around us.
5. Spirit of the Forest represents the life force all around us and is an unseen spirit that guides and looks over the forest and all its inhabitants. It won't help unless asked!
6. The twist-little messages that teach something of value to kids and this is how the story in my childrens books comes together!



yMy 6yr old daughter has a stuffed toy owl whom she called Owly. To her, Owly has a real life with her and with us as a family. She is excited when we go anywhere because Owly gets to experience what we do as a family! Who am I to come between her and her wonderful imagination!

One night she had no more new stories to read and my son who is 9 said he would write her a story. He wrote about half a page before it was time for lights out but in that short piece of writing, I could see how important imagination and make believe is for children.

The story he started to write was about Owly and a butterfly. He didn't get to write too much but I promised him I would write an Owly story for the 2 of them to read for bedtime. They were happy with this and so the seed was planted for me writing childrens stories.

Owly features in all books but the story he started to write is only featured in the third book and where part of the story is about a butterfly needing new wings and having to travel to the rainbow to get them which is what he was starting to write about, so full credit goes to my 2 children who inspire me to see inside their minds and to re-live the wonder and imagination that a child experiences from the simplest of every day pleasures.

Not only is Owly the hero of the books but he also inspires others to be the very best they can be and draws out the real magic that surrounds us all and that can be called upon at all times when we ask and when we know where to look.