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IMG_1468Even though this time of year is chaotic, it doesn't have to be! It is also a great time to pause a minute and reflect on things like spirit, kindness, consideration, generousity, patience and love.

I love the Christmas lights, smell of aromatherapy candles, the upbeat Christmas songs and also the more peaceful, solemn ones.

I see great Chrismas spirit everywhere where people go that little bit extra to make someones day special, memorable and to make them feel noticed, appreciated and worthwhile.

Of course, I also see people who become stressed out by the weight of expectation thrust upon them, promises they are trying to deliver on and promises they have no hope of delivering!

Christmas is not a happy time for many and in our happiness and joy in the holiday season we need to also pause and reflect on loved ones gone before us, those who are ill, facing financial and other hardships and also be mindful of those who have no desire to celebrate anything as the occasion may be meaningless.

For me, having 2 kids age 7 and 9, I am bombarded on a daily basis of the logistics of how santa gets to deliver everything, know where everything goes to, how he gets down our chimney as we have a restricted flue outlet and whether we need to have an alternative meal plan for him on the big night.

Santa is also getting online big time and my kids told me today, that on Christmas Eve, you can downlad an app that shows his progress across the globe!

It is hard enough to get them to sleep at the best of times, I am exhausted even thinking about what time they will eventually sleep on the night in question!

I used to have such a romantic idea of the wind down to Christmas but in reality it is more psyche up than wind down.

In my mind I used to envision, the fire on, great Christmas feel good movie, glass of wine and nibbles and a cozy spot on the sofa with my husband. Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background.

The reality is so different. Its race around doing everything when they are eventually asleep and then luckily a cup of tea and a few chocolate biscuits before wearily plodding up stairs to try to get some shut eye a few hours at best before D-Day!

Then its all hands on board and a busy day thereafter!

Of course it is easy to get caught up in all the presents and gift giving and receiving but giving the gift of your time or service or simply offering a kind word or doing something thoughtful can be just as powerful.

Finally I leave you with a thought.

Wouldn't it be great if the positive spirit that is around this time of year could be extended to last all year around? Wouldn't that be something else?

romantic comedy storiesI wrote this post to remind myself about everything good I have in my life. Yes I am so lucky and grateful to be AWAKE, ALIVE and BLESSED!

Let me explain the meaning of each of the above, and what they mean for me, as no doubt each of these words mean different things to different people.

Being AWAKE is not the same as having your eyes open. Some people have their eyes open but don't see, or don't see very clearly. Being awake to me in the true sense, is being in a state of awareness, and in that aware state, I get to take stock of everything good in my life and see everything I have around me as not being mine as such, but there for me to call upon when ever I need it. So possession is not a requirement as everything in the universe around us, is in our posession already and is not going to run out or disappear!

ALIVE is not simply a beating heart and oxygen flowing through your body. It is being alive mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Eventhough it is easy to think in terms of the physical being as representing being alive, it represents only one part of us. It is therefore important not to forget the other parts which are equally important otherwise we are a shell with nothing else going on inside. What a waste!

Being alive is also about recognising how all our parts work together to make us who we are. How we look, act, feel and simple are if we want to have the best life ever.

Finally BLESSED to me sums everything up. Being grateful, thankful, appreciative of everything we have. Even bad things that have come our way have thought us so much. Probably even more than the good things that happened!

Let go of any bitterness and judgement for a second and just think of  what has happened and how it has evolved and moulded you. What you have learned and what life lessons you can take from it? Remember you will not learn if all you see and feel is bitterness. Try to look beyond this. It is not easy but it will be worth it.

When you find things to be thankful for, you will realise just how many things you have to be thankful for! That will definitely help you feel blessed!

AWAKE-ALIVE-BLESSED! Find your motto to live by.


by Orla Kelly

the introverts heartToday we are all guilty of feeling we need to fill our day with "To-Do" lists and then punish ourselves or feel bad when we don't accomplish everything we wanted to do.

The thing is, how many of the items on our list are critical, vital, absolutely necessary? The answer is that probably only a small few if at all!

We need to allow some down time into our to do list where we just give ourselves the gift of peace, solitude, quietness and reflective time instead of noise, chaos and hussle and bustle.

I found this picture and found it very good to reflect on. How many of these areas would you like to spend time in?

I know it is called the Introverts Heart but I wouldn't consider myself introverted but I do think the areas highlighted sound bliss.

When my kids are around, it is very busy and very noisy but at the same time that is okay too because I have some times in the day when they are not around, and so silence is my friend too when I am at home!

I find answers to all sorts of problems come from moments of silence. That doesn't mean I am sitting or lying down, I may be doing other things but in an atmosphere of quietness and eureka, a thought comes into my head. Thankfully a bad thought comes in to my head less and less so when a good thought or idea comes to me, thats great.

There are so many answers to questions right there inside of us. Often we don't think of asking, or don't trust our answers or ourselves and we can often spend time in the wrong places or consult the wrong sources for knowledge.

Not only does some down time give the body what it needs but it is also necessary for a healthy mind.Try turning off unneccessary backrground noises every once in a while. It may seem strange or lonely at first, but by doing it for some of the time, you will find it helpful and you will probably accomplish a lot more and sort out whatever is in your head that needs an answer!

Think about it for a minute. You go for a massage, facial, visit the steam room or sauna, talk a walk in the woods or whatever. Do you want to be bombarded with noise? No, this is not quality time and it takes from the experience of switching off and relaxing. The same can be done anywhere so try turning down or turning off, tuning out and letting go of noise and chaos. Orla Kelly