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the introverts heartI don't know how it happened but slowly over time technology and gadgets seem to come into my house, or another kid comes in carrying some device and suddenly it is the coolest device on the planet and they talk of nothing else.

The thing is that no matter how many devices or gadgets they have, they will never be truly happy, even if they protest they will be happy and not want anything else. Yes they will definitely protest and put up arguements that would make any debating team proud, but at the end of the day ask yourself this question.

"Are my kids really happier now that they have all these things?"

I know speaking for myself the answer is NO. If they were happy they would be content and that would be that, but the thing is, the grass is always greener on the other side and if they don't get something, they feel short changed and feel as if their life is missing something.

Yes their life is missing something-its called SPACE.

Space to be able to just look at everything they have and appreciate it, care for it and share it with others and play happily. It isn't a myth. I did it and the hours just seemed to fly by and I was never hounding my mum telling her I had nothing to do unless I genuinely had exhausted everything else.

Now it seems that if every minute isn't occupied, the kids feel empty and isolated and feel lack and spend more time thinking about what they don't have instead of what they do have.

What I found is that with every piece of advanced technology that comes in to our house (they save up and buy), the frustration and anxiety level of them and of myself as the parent increases.

Frustration and anxiety for them as they focus all their effort and concentration into trying to master something, but their will always be more levels, more ways for them to lose games and it is exhausting. Of course its like an addiction where they want one more game, like one more fix, but one game is never enough. I salute the kids and parents where the kids are happy to "down tools" and "let go".

Instead with every level to conquer, the pressure mounts just for more points more levels completed and of course instant gratification but this fades fast in a fast paced game where they must keep moving forward with the game.

I looked at my son playing an online game and when he "died" in the game, a message came up "Don't leave now another game is starting in a moment". What? No wonder it drives him nuts and me too and that is when he really doesn't appreciate me saying time is up.

No wonder books, passive activities and even active sport can't seem to match the thrill gotten from the latest mod cons. How could they!

No wonder also he doesn't want to leave the game-who wants to leave when the chips are down when you can keep going on and on!

Scary but true, so now I find myself relaiming my kids from technology, my daughter is still young and thankfully not really interested. Of course it is harder imposing rules when some of his friends can do as they please. Sure technology makes a great babysitter in that your child is entertained but not a good babysitter when you think of the cost to your childs mental wellbeing, ability to communicate effectively, physical health, the list goes on. Indeed everything in moderation is a must. Food for thought............