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Post traumatic traumaWhy would anyone want to write about PTSD if you don't have it and if you are not a mental health professional? I have been asked this many times and yes thankfully to date I have never personally suffered from PTSD, but have witnessed others close to me who have suffered the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It was never something I set out to do. One day I was watching the news on television and right into my home horrors from around the world were being broadcast right into my living room. I could see and hear everything going on at the time and all I kept thinking to myself was that if I found the images harrowing and what was happening, indescribable, what was it like for other human beings who were caught up in this suffering of an enormous scale. I could chose to turn off my television or not, but what choice did they have-none. it wasn't as simple as that and just because I could turn off the television, I could not turn off what they were going through.

I think after that, I was determined to write about PTSD and so the first book began. I called it Learning to Re-connect The Pieces Of A Life Shattered by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After writing the first book, I felt I left out a very critical group of individuals, and they were the children.

Children being exposed to trauma within and outside the home. Children experiencing trauma directly or indirectly and how childrens abilities to process and respond to different types of trauma would influence this group of vulnerable individuals whose childhood was hijacked!

This of course led to book two which I called PTSD In Children Growing Up and Its Influences On Adult Life.

Will I add to the PTSD topic? Maybe or maybe not!