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Yesterday  a rare opportunity came my way. I actually had time on my hands. Yes lots of time, but I couldn't think of a single thing to write about, and even then when I could think of what to write, I lost my words. Each sentence was a struggle, and I eventually gave up. Instead I stared out my window, which looks out onto a large grassed area where kids were playing. I watched them for a while, looked at te trees swaying in the breeze, looked at the cloud formation and simply accepted where I was in this point of time.

Sometimes the best thing we can do, is nothing at all, because in doing nothing, we are actually doing something. It is called down time and it is also a very useful time for the brain to re-charge, the body to rest and to simply quieten everything that needs to be quietened.

In the stillness, you also learn a lot about what works best for you. I now realise the best times for me to work, the best times to rest and the best times to plan what to do next.

When there are too many thoughts flooding my mind, its like trying to teach a class and all the kids are shouting "me, me me" trying to get my attention and I have no idea which one to select and I become disorientated, overwhelmed and frustrated.


Instead, there is great freedom and power by walking away from something and saying, "not now" to yourself and by doing something completely different.  Without thinking about what you had planned to do, it becomes easier to go back and start afresh. Its like taking a mental detox and that mental detox is different for different people. For me it can be doing some exercise or housework and that doesn't magically happen by itself yet.  It can be listen to music that fires you up or calms the spirits, it can be reading, a walk in nature or sitting in a quiet place. It doesn't matter what you do, once it takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Of course, sometimes it really is down to discipline when you have writers block so if you find the above still doesn't work after trying a few times over a few different times and dates you plan to write, then it is a case of just knuckling down to a bit of self discipline, and saying, "I am giving myself 30 minutes (or whatever), and I need to write x words that are meaningful and make sense or, I need to come up with new concepts/ideas for my next task/project". Just sit down with a timer or some form of alarm, turn off all distractions and just make yourself do it. Even reward yourself afterards, if you need an additional incentive.

Sometimes it is down to how you feel, physically emotionally, mentally and spiritually as these all effect how and what you write, so if there are things going on that need to be addressed, try to come to some sort of resolution or they will keep cropping up and interfering with your work.