Writing a Christmas Story For Children

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christmas-1015433_960_720I love a good Christmas story for kids, and a great way to make your own,  is to tie together things that are real for the child and things that are magical.

Have a read of my story below. It is called The Real Magic of Christmas. Feel free to share or change the name for some special children in your life.

The Real Magic of Christmas by Orla Kelly

It was a beautiful quiet peaceful night as Santa left the North Pole for his journey around the world to all the good boys and girls. But this year was going to be extra special. As well as bringing some lovely presents, he was also planning on giving some very special gifts to Michael and Emer. These gifts were not gifts that others could see but they would know when they got them.

This is what happened on that Christmas night.

Santa had been travelling for many hours and was getting tired. He was looking forward to taking a short break soon. Just up ahead he saw Cork. He whispered to the reindeer to be quiet as they would be getting close to Michael and Emers house.

He hoped they were all asleep as he crept inside their houses to deliver presents to them. Phew! Luckily they were  tucked up in bed, dreaming happy dreams. Little did they know what a magical dream they were about to have. Yes Santa planned to bring them back to the real spirit of Christmas and to a sleeping baby in a manger in a place very far away from Cork.

Santa sprinkled magic dust over each sleeping child. That dust was made up from the magical Christmas star that led the three wise men to the baby Jesus. In their dreams and without leaving their lovely warm beds, they were taken in Santas sleigh with all the other boys and girls from their class, back in time, back to when baby Jesus was born.

Each child knew they were dreaming, but it was a wonderful dream they never wanted to wake up from. They were having so much fun and watched the world zoom by below them on Santas sleigh. They sang some Christmas songs and talked to Santa to keep him company. They ate some of Mrs Claus lovely cake she had packed for Santa. It was delicious! The world looked so beautiful and peaceful below them.

write a Christmas story for children

They knew they were getting close to the place where baby Jesus was, as out of the darkness, shone a beautiful dazzling star that seemed to float just above what looked like an old farm building made of wood and straw. This was the stable where baby Jesus was born.

Santa landed his sleigh away from the stable so as not to wake the sleeping baby and each child crept outside the sleigh and peered inside the windows. There they saw a very special baby surrounded by everyone who loved him. Even the animals in the stable were quiet but they stayed close to the baby to keep him warm. The gifts that the three wise men had bought were next to his manger-gold, frankincense and myrrh. But the best gift Jesus got that night was the gift of the lovely children who loved God and who were kind to each other.

Chritmas story

Each child was quiet, looking all around them at this place they had only read about in story books. They knew this was a very special moment they would always remember. The baby opened his eyes and looked around at each child and smiled. Mary and Joseph turned around to see all the children wearing different clothes to them and immediately they knew, that just like their baby Jesus, the other children were very special too.

Mary told them they could kiss the baby and touch his lovely soft skin. They did this so gently and the baby Jesus touched each child and gave a special blessing to each of them.

Santa told them they had to leave now as he had other presents to deliver and he did not want any child to be disappointed on Christmas day.

Before they left, Joseph gave each child a piece of the straw from Jesus’ manger to remind them of their special visit and to remind them to always be good and to love God.

So when you touch your piece of straw, remember how special you really are and how much God loves you and of course, always remember the real magic of what happened at Christmas many years ago.


The End

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